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Coins as well as medals can be embossed and minted as requested. Coins and medals are embossed either on one side or on both sides, and this will be done in accordance with the given instructions in a two-dimensional or in a three-dimensional way, whereas in general the basic metal will be bronze or zinc alloy - but, and according to the special purpose of use, it will also be possible to realize the embossing work on iron material if the corresponding technical possibilities are given.
For the finish of the coins and medals, there are numerous options, for example gold-coloured, silver-coloured, antique bronze, satin gold and a lot more - and there is also the possibility of employing colour effects on coins and medals by using enamel paint - but if this will not be workable due to the limit of production engineering and manufacturing, printing must be applied.

In order to be used as sports medals, medals can also be equipped, just as required, with an eyelet, with a ring and with a ribbon for carrying the medal around the neck; besides the usual standard ribbons, there is also the possibility of using straps with individual printings, with embroideries, with woven texts or logos on these ribbons which are used to carry the sports medals around the neck

Coins and medals can be manufactured in different sizes, shapes, materials and processes even with open-worked sides, as long as this is technically possible.
There are different packing options: Acrylic coin capsule, Velvet deluxe box, velvet pouch, coin stand Special Edge available: Ribbed Edge, Embossed Text Edge, all types of Diamond cut edge

Standard size: 1.5", 1-3/4", 2". The maximum size for a round coin is 150mm.

Our embossing & casting workmanship, turned into top quality challenge coins, caddy coins, medals, sports medals and many others, are ideal to be used as a particular gift, as a medium for advertising and publicity, or as a suitable product for a special purpose for all kinds of needs and occasions.

All above products are manufactured by renowned factories in China which have been working with us over 10 years.
By using the given email address, you will be connected directly with our representative in China office which next to the subsidery factory.You will be advised by them, and on request they will make out an offer to you either in EURO or in USD.
When placing an order, all the relevant procedures including delivery will be handled by our China staffs. This means that we are not only at the advantage position to catch customers unique ideas and shorten the communication time greatly, but also easily to get a direct manufacture/factory pricing for you.
Payment of delivered goods is to be made onto a bank account in China but if so requested, payment can also be made onto a bank account in Germany.

If you are interested, please be so kind as to send us your enquiry and let us know your wishes and requests - we will be pleased to make out a detailed quotation. Just give us a try and we do believe that you will get the best

. - MINIMUM QUANTITY TO BE ORDERED: 50 pcs. of the same type -


Please send us an email with the descriptions of coins or medals you need with diameters, quantity a.s.o. - We send you a offer.
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